The year of 1874 saw a huge shift in the war with the Martians as a new leader took over the fight and began to fight the war in a different way. 

The High Overseer started to pit the humans against one another and by the beginning of the year we saw new battles erupting all over the world as the Martians were organised in a new way. 

We saw the aliens develop maritime technology and with this new threat began to attack the nations of the world in different ways. 

Australia became a target and the city of New London was taken by the invaders forcing TRIAC into putting all their resources into taking the city back and liberating the nation. It was at this time that the nations of the Commonwealth of Britannia and the Australian Protectorate took the step to join together again in a reunification that saw the creation of a new nation, the New Victorian Commonwealth. 

Around the same time, TRIAC took a blow to its credibility when it was discovered that the late Sir Henry Fitzroy Lancing, had been funding the club from its inception and had guided and shaped its organisation from the beginning. As a result of this and the death of the prominent Scientist and leader of Concordia, the club was disbanded and remade in a new signing of the accords in the late part of the year. This resigning meant that all nations of the world were joined under the same banner and a new force was created like a phoenix from the ashes, ready once again to battle the Martian threat. 

But they were all of them, betrayed… 

Ethan Herald the erstwhile owner of Raven Herald Industries and ex-president of France had, for three years been searching for the so called Davinci Vaults and the power and secrets that lay within. Little did the club know that he was simply using them and that, in the end, he betrayed them, the world and everyone he ever loved or called friend for the power that the Vaults would give him. 

In a final act of betrayal, at Oak Island in October of 1874, Herald changed the world as he unleashed an ancient and terrible evil on the world and took on the mantle of the World Eater and along with his three minions, they now walk the earth as the living embodiments of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse. 

Where they walk, Oblivion follows, and the world is slowly being un-made as the disease they spread flows from them as they walk the earth. 

The world is entering a new period of disaster and threat as the veritable apocalypse is upon it. It is now up to the members of TRIAC to unite and find a way to destroy these bringers of Oblivion before it is to late for everyone. 
What happens in 1875 is yet to be known but it is a certainty that TRIAC will be required to be extraordinary in this latest and darkest time in the history of the Earth. 

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