Who are we?

Altered Imagination Games is a LARP club system ran by Mark and Clare Corley. Founded in 2018, the club have taken ownership of the Age of Aether game from it's previous club, Macifaria Games.

Mark (Rule Book) Corley

Mark has been roleplaying for over 20 years and organising games for the last 6 from small games to larger fest style LARPS. He has always been of the opinion that the rule of cool should always apply and anyone who says otherwise should be sacrificed to Great Cthulhu to appease his wrath. Mark has been involved in many games; Shadow Wars, The Vale and Lorien Trust, to name but a few. Each winter he gathers the tears of players and retreats to Valhalla to feast and sleep.

Clare (Momma Dragon) Corley

Clare has been LARPing for 30 years and has experience in running both local and large LARP systems. She has held important roles as both player and organiser in games such as Lorian Trust, The Vale and many more. She is also a costume and props maker and is rarely seen in daylight hours outside her craft room. She is a firm believer that larp, and indeed life, should be fun and never taken too seriously. She is also a world class gin connoisseur and collector of those silver tokens discarded by players of the Crystal Maze. Some say her blood holds the cure for leprosy, all we know is she's called Momma Dragon.

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